A Rich History
The Olive Oil Renaissance

In 1900, an olive oil from Oroville, California received the Grand Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition.

Professors at the Agricultural Experimental Station at Berkeley, published several pamphlets on olive culture and olive oil manufacture in California between 1900 and 1904.

In 1913, several Berkeley professors began investment on their own behalf in the heart of Butte County. By 1917, there were some fifteen professors involved and they formed the Berkeley Olive Association.

Later, the Oroville Mercury Register newspaper reported that the area had the largest ripe olive and olive oil capacity in the western hemisphere and the Berkeley Olive Grove had the largest planting of Mission olives in the world.

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 is a historic olive orchard and eligible for state and national historic registries as the “Berkeley Olive Association District.”

The Mission variety produces the one olive oil that is exclusive to the New World. Butte County became recognized as the perfect “California Mediterranean.”

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