Orchard & Harvest
Supporting Sustainability, Nature, & Health

The organic orchard of Berkeley Olive Grove is a traditional one; it receives care and attention primarily by hand. Our majestic trees live peacefully with people and wildlife; no cramped hedgerows of new trees managed entirely by machines here! We love the heritage and our breathing space.

Sustainable organic practices include:

  • Returning chipped prunings to the soil as mulch
  • Working with specialists to cultivate mushrooms that thrive on an olive orchard floor rich in organic matter
  • Utilizing goats that enthusiastically assist in orchard management of the edibles not needed for olive production
  • Good Stewards of California History and Olive Oil,” by Amy McCurdy -- San Ramon Patch. August 18, 2011.

In respect for nature:

  • Each tree is hand picked and hand pruned
  • We cherish the doves, wild turkeys, quail, deer, and other wildlife that grace our groves
  • We are predator-friendly - coyotes, hawks, owls, etc. live here too.

For your health:

  • We handle these trees and their fruit with care
  • A certified organic estate, rather than synthetic chemicals, we use only natural fertilizers and pest management practices
  • We harvest at the optimal time for peak quality and take the olives immediately to the mill to ensure freshness.
Our estate produces olives rich in fragrant and flavorful oil that is high in polyphenols—an essential factor in the healthfulness of our olive oil.

With a current platform of organic sustainable practices, enhanced with advancing science and proprietary technology, our quest today is to ever improve quality, efficiency, diversity, and healthfulness.

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