Berkeley Olive Grove 1913

The Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 Mission oil ... is a wonderful example of well made Mission oil with medium fruitiness, some pungency and a light bitterness with a harmonious finish. It is perfect for summer tomatoes.

This is a very good introduction to Mission oil. If you want to create a mental data base of oil characteristics, the Berkeley Olive Grove 1913 Mission would be the proper place to begin
~ Darrell Corti, Gourmand

I've been to two olive oil tastings at the Berkeley Olive Grove, and this is the ONLY olive oil that I now use.
~ Patricia, Foster City, CA

I purchase my olive oil directly from Berkeley Olive Grove. It is an outstanding product, not only for its superb culinary applications but for health; there is no other olive oil with higher antioxidant levels. I cook with it to help preserve the nutrients in the food. If you pay more for quality ingredients, don't use an inferior oil to cook them with.
~ Brian, East Bay, CA